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Safir Applications Differentials

  • Fast access! Even with low speed internet
  • E-Manager, a module which brings an overview of the financial situation, fiscal, registry, purchase requests, sales requests, stocks and other topics of interest.
    The E-Manager reunites technologies to analyze the company as a role in a single click.
  • The report development can be done by the user himself, in a simple way and with configurations of user-friendly screens.
  • No need of new licenses acquisitions such as: Database, Operating Systems, Language and Applications; simplifying a lot the support.
  • Owner database with facility to operate and migrate to SQL.
  • Sales Systems with Touch Screen Technology and human interface which make it easier and faster to build the order.
  • Outdoors salespeople can make and follow their sales accessing them from anywhere.
  • Server included (as a rental).


  • Our software has state of the art technology with safety modules
  • Trava de segurança por ragistro e por campos.
  • Relatórios de todos os acessos realizados com data e hora.
  • Alta Segurança contra invasão e vírus.
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Zip code: 12900-000

Phones: (11)99984-3917
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Monday at Friday : 8:00 am at 17:00 pm

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